13 december 2015


I really wish I could travel in time.
I wanna know what we say about 2015 in about 45 years from now.
Is this World War III ?
Will IS/Daesh and Talibans be compared with Hitler? Or should the US, UK, France, China & Russia ( and some other countries) maybe be compared with him?
I'm not sure.

The UN that was created after World War II is now (and always been) ran by China, US, UK, Russia and France. Do they really want peace?

UNHCR and Red Cross are jokes.

I have seriously been thinking of moving to a village somewhere in eastern or southern Africa. With no internet connection. And just live day by day without knowing shit about what's going on in the world. My days would be about sleep, eat, friends and work.

The world situation is making me cry several times a week. I am serious. What is happening right now is FUCKED up for real. It is everywhere. Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Burundi, Kongo, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine etc etc etc.. I am tired.

I always had hope. A belief that things are fixable. In the world, in my life, in love, in everything.
The last 1-2 years have made me stop this belief. I do not see it anymore.

I do not wanna be sad over these kind of stuff anymore. But I could never be happy again, as long as shit is going on like this.

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